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Our bathroom showroom directory includes a selection of the best independent bathroom suppliers across the United Kingdom; each offering a wealth of knowledge, experience, outstanding service, and unparalleled expertise.

Our local retailers are dedicated to make your experience a positive one from the minute you make the enquiry right through until after your new bathroom is installed – they’ll support you every step of the way.

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Local People

Fitting a new bathroom can be a costly and timely process, with a wide range of factors to think about. Where a lot of larger companies and online websites will push you towards the approach and products that works best for them, our directory of local companies will be there to listen to your needs and offer solutions based on what you want; not what the big companies want you to buy.

That’s why we’ve brought together the best local bathroom companies – connecting customers to the retailers who match their needs.

Quality Products

As a community of independent bathroom retailers, we work with suppliers to provide premium quality products at lower prices. This means that our retailers can pass the savings on to you; giving you a bathroom you love for a little less.

Many brands are exclusive to our retailers which means a wider choice of products, more value for money and ultimately, happier customers.

Peace of Mind

The internet can be a bit like the wild west at times, with faceless companies pushing products based on their needs as opposed to your own. That’s why independent retailers are so great, they take a customer centric approach to better understand:

• Your Bathroom

• Your aspirations

• Your needs and budget

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