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With BathCom, everybody benefits!

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Buy Local

Buying from a local bathroom specialist is the best way to get the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of.

  • People – Local, knowledgeable retailers with a friendly down to earth approach.
  • Inspiration – Stunning showrooms full of ideas.
  • Design – Work closely with a designer to get the bathroom of your dreams.
  • Sourcing – Our supplier connections means that our local bathroom retailers can source and supply the best products and materials.
  • Installation – Many of our bathroom retailers supply and fit while others use their local knowledge to recommend the best fitters for you.
  • After Care – Our bathroom retailers are there for you after the job has been complete if any issues or problems do arise.

Your Choice

BathCom’s local retailers give you a wide range of options to choose from!

  • Choose from the best bathroom specialists providing a wide range of products and materials at affordable prices.
  • The full spectrum of options available from our retailers and suppliers is simply too big to fit on a website but we can guarantee that the bigger bathroom retailers can’t offer the same.
  • When online sites and big retailers often have a limited selection, they push you to certain products they need to sell, not what you want to buy.
  • BathCom’s retailer members are specialists with an encyclopaedic knowledge of all the available options and will work with you to find exactly what you need.

People Power

  • Not a faceless screen or telephone directory but an actual human being who will listen to your needs and advise and guide you with their expert advice.
  • Be supported by friendly individuals who’ll be there from when you first enquire and support you long after works have been completed.
  • They’re there to work for you and will follow your guidance while offering advice when required.
  • Local bathroom specialists with collective knowledge of everything you need for your new bathroom, from sourcing supplies to technical support.
  • On hand to offer suggestions and solutions for any problems you may have.

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