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BathCom’s Aim

Our Mission Statement

  • Provide customers with the best possible service, products, and prices by creating a community of local bathroom retailers and suppliers that offers customers with a wide range of options and price points when they’re looking for a new bathroom.
  • Work hard to ensure that our local bathroom retailers and suppliers are the best that they can be and add value to their customers through sharing knowledge and best practice.
  • By working closely with our bathroom retailer members and suppliers, we want to be a united force in the bathroom sector working for the good of customers.

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Supplier Deals

We work with suppliers to ensure that our retailers can obtain products at the best possible price, which they can then pass on to you, the customer.

BathCom Resources

Product Knowledge

Using the combined wealth of knowledge amongst our local bathroom retailers, our community of retailers work together to provide a better service for customers across the country.

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