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Landon’s have established an exceptional reputation within the home interiors industry. They have over sixty years of experience becoming England’s leading home interior industry and therefore can offer various styles and luxury to suit a wide range of all tastes and needs along with their usual outstanding customer service.

Need help in designing rooms? We offer wide range of bathroom, bedroom and kitchen collections. Speak to one of our experts & don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us!

Our Bathrooms are designed and created for each individual customer, so no two Bathrooms are ever the same. You are cordially invited to browse our stunning collection and see for yourself how our tailored designs and carefully created plans meet both your personal and lifestyle preference.

Our Landon Bathroom Collection will inspire you with both exceptional design and outstanding quality. Our creative designers will be happy to include technical images of your Bathroom, so you can see how it will look in your home.

We can offer you a choice of fitted, modular and combination bathroom products all made to the highest standard and built with quality craftsmanship. We also have a large display of stunning free standing baths, these are very popular and offer our most discerning customers an elegant bathing experience.

Our large tile area will display a variety of stunning ceramics and porcelain that will compliment your home improvement.

01527 882 939
Landon House, Kidderminster Road, Dodford, B61 9DU

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