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Experienced, Well Informed & Friendly.

David Sheridan and Ray Gates founded Barnet Plumbing and Bathrooms in 2018. Jointly, they boast over fifty years of experience running successful plumbing and refurbishment businesses in the Barnet area. Both born and bred there, they were brought together by their daughters, who happen to be best friends!

David and Ray take great pride in the work they do. They want customers who come back regularly. To them, that means dealing with people face-to-face and answering their questions clearly and patiently.

David handles the bathroom service: advising and collaborating with clients, designing and drawing the plans and facilitating construction work and fitting. Ray minds the store: employing his encyclopaedic knowledge of the parts needed for every job, making sure that a major project is not held up for the want of a small item.

They work with an extensive team of craftsmen and specialists to deliver premium bathroom refurbishment.

A new state-of-the-art showroom is now open and showcases the range of products and services Barnet Plumbing and Bathrooms can offer.

Please pop into the shop to see how they can help you.

0208 440 4298
Barnet Plumbing & Bathrooms Ltd 21 Lytton Road New Barnet Barnet EN5 5BX

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