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Doyle & Doyle are a specialist bathroom designer and supplier.

Teaming up with Luxury brands we aim to help you get your dream bathroom.

Our team have the technical background from running a plumbers merchant for generations to ensure you are getting the most out of your bathroom space.

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Our Story

Doyle & Doyle specialises in supplying high-end bathrooms; from the LED motion sensor furniture to top of the range self-cleaning toilets.

With innovative design software from Virtual Worlds, they are able to design a photo-realistic image of what your new bathroom will look like before you've even spent a penny.

Doyle & Doyle pride themselves on the personal one-to-one service from design and specification; to finalising and delivering the final products with support in place to work with installers to make the bathroom design a reality.

With Doyle & Doyle, you're not just buying a bathroom, you're buying a personalised service with the backing of reputable manufacturers to ensure your new bathroom is one of your favourite rooms in the house!

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