Make the most of the small spaces in your home with an en-suite or cloakroom toilet. We’ve pulled together some handy ideas and products recommended by our local retailers to help you create the small bathroom of your dreams. Whether it’s to make the room feel little lighter and brighter or finding products and fittings with many practical uses. There are many ways to create a small bathroom that leaves a big impression. Get creative with smart planning and clever design choices to make even the smallest bathroom feel spacious and offer everything that your household needs.

Read on below to see our recommendations and ideas on the fixtures and fittings that work best in smaller spaces for small bathrooms.


There are many great, space saving types of toilets out there but for us we believe that wall-hung models work best in smaller bathrooms. As wall-hung toilets come out of the wall they can help make your bathroom feel bigger by creating more floor space.

Other types of toilets include short projection models and full shrouded models. You can also ask your local bathroom retailer about designing your bathroom with toilet models which are incorporated into cabinets and other fittings.

Whichever model you decide to go for you also should make sure to pay attention to products you use and the dimensions of them. Different products will have different specs and the size of a toilet can vary wildly. Even those which are the same type of toilet. Your local retailer will be able to help you with products and their sizes when designing your new bathroom.

Showers & wet room

When it comes to small bathroom ideas, showers and wet rooms give you plenty of flexibility within the limited space you have while remaining stylish and pleasing on the eye. This is thanks to the many different styles and options available.

If you’re looking for a shower, quadrant and offset quadrant shower enclosures work great in small bathrooms thanks to their sliding doors which help to save space. Furthermore, they create a sleek look to maximise the space you have.

If space is really at a premium, then wet rooms are a great alternative as they don’t feature any compartments which might restrict space. Creating an open plan design with plenty of floor room. While installation may take a little longer to fully waterproof the room, you’ll be left with a shower room that’s easy to clean, packs multiple uses and is especially helpful for anyone with mobility issues.


Basins come in all shapes and sizes and as such, offer a great opportunity to save some space in your small bathroom. While also providing you with the opportunity to add a bit of flair and elements of design thanks to the products and designs available.

We think countertop basins are the best at saving space while still looking stylish. Countertop basins are placed on top of a bathroom unit as though they are just resting in place. They can be integrated into your existing small bathroom design by bypassing the need for a big blocky pedestal.

Pair your countertop basin with a compact vanity unit for the best results. With wall-mounted vanity units being great for keeping your floors clear while still being deep enough to store your toiletries.


Just because you have a small bathroom, doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the perks of having a bath. There are a lot of space saving options that will allow you to enjoy a long, relaxing bath regardless of the size of your bathroom.

Firstly, straight baths can come in many different sizes, and it could just be a case of finding one which fits into your intended space. There are some straight baths which also come with storage space underneath. Perfect for hiding your toiletries or any other items you want to keep out of view. Contact your local retailer to ask about what options they have for straight baths.

If you’re looking for both a shower and a bath, then a shower bath is an easy and popular way to save on space. No longer just a shower head above a bath. The products and options available now are smartly designed to create space for showering at one end, while still saving enough space for a comfortable bath. Many shower baths also come with a wide range of modern utilities and functions.

Bathroom furniture & storage

The right storage can make all the difference in a small bathroom and thankfully there are plenty of products and options that will make your small space go a lot further.

If you’re looking to add a lighter feel and create the illusion of more space, mirrored cabinets work great in small bathrooms. If you’re really stuck for space in your bathroom, ask your local retailer about a mirror with an integrated shelf or a cabinet with a lift-up door that doesn’t require as much room to open.

Struggling for floor space in your small bathroom? Why not try a tall narrow cabinet which will be able to hold all your bathroom essentials – like your towels and toilet paper. You can also install open shelves which will give you even more floor pace, while still giving you a place to story your essentials.

Get the small bathroom of your dreams

Our local bathroom retailers are experts when it comes to bathroom design and will work with you to maximise the space of your small bathroom. Use our post-code locator today to find your local bathroom retailer and make your dream bathroom happen!